We are currently running our pilot program in which one individual at a time will receive a $22K grant over a one year period (which may be extended) to pursue a proposed goal while having their progress monitored. The full grant will be awarded throughout the course of the year at monthly intervals assuming key performance indicators are being met.

In addition, program participants are expected to volunteer time and effort to The Institute’s larger goals through efforts such as brainstorming sessions, book editing, researching capital deployment opportunities, content creation, etc. 

In exchange for this grant, The Institute receives equity in companies whose creation it sponsors to ensure their continued fidelity to The Pragmatist Institute’s larger mission. 


Academia to Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this grant is to assist an individual in transitioning from academia to founding and running a sustainable, cash-positive business. 

Novel Education Models

The purpose of this grant is to assist an individual in setting up a cash positive educational institution that contributes a novel approach to the education industry.

Pragmatic Research

This grant is aimed at the creation of a “Pragmatist's Guide to X” book on a specific subject of interest that has practical application in everyday life. 

What Your Year on an Institute Grant is Like

Depending on how your grant is structured, you may be working either from a strategically-favorable city (dictated by your project) or switching between Audubon, PA and Miraflores in Lima, Peru to work more closely with The Pragmatist Foundation’s founders on your initiatives.

The Pragmatist Foundation’s founders will work closely with you, providing mentorship, helpful structure, introductions, guidance, and constructive criticism. Their goal will be to expedite your progress and help you achieve concrete results—while also moving beyond dead ends, tangents, and distractions—as quickly as possible.


Important Notes

  1. The Institute will make the final call on any entrepreneurial project you choose to pursue through the grant. The Institute’s contributors and team have been investing in entrepreneurs all around the world for a long time and will likely know if a project isn't going to work long before you will.
  2. Our grants fund "Pragmatic Entrepreneurship" not "Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship." Pragmatic Entrepreneurship is low on complexity and has a high probability of being cash positive within a year. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship is focused on low probability of success ideas that will have a huge pay off if successful.
  3. The Institute is highly results-oriented, investing funds for impact rather than show. If opting for room and board through our program, don't expect anything too glamorous in terms of accommodation or first-class travel.