What is The Pragmatist Institute?

The Institute is an investment vehicle for individuals interested in the goals of the Pragmatist Foundation. It is lead by Simone Collins and Malcolm Collins who lead The Institute’s mentorship, fundraising, networking, and structural efforts.

Note: The Pragmatist Foundation has nothing to do with "Pragmatism" the philosophical movement popular in North America around a century ago and is instead named after the word's vernacular use. The Institute's goals are directly in contrast with "isms".


Malcolm Collins

Originally a neuroscientist focused on brain-computer interface and the evolution of human cognition, an interest in entrepreneurship drove me to Stanford University, where I got my MBA and co-founded the art commission marketplace ArtCorgi.com with my wife, Simone Collins. I subsequently became Director of Strategy at South Korea's most desired source of early stage capital and now run a number of travel companies with Simone (Travelmax being the primary brand we manage). The businesses I manage with Simone bring in over a hundred million a year in sales. I enjoy volunteering my time as a regular guest lecturer on the topics of buying companies, investing internationally, and negotiation at a number of institutions and events, including classes at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. 


Simone Collins

During my early twenties, I worked my way through various Silicon Valley startups (ranging from a high tech chocolate factory to an alternate reality game company), ultimately coming to manage a team of 20,000 freelance writers for an online publishing platform. Around that time I met my now-husband Malcolm Collins, with whom I created ArtCorgi.com, an art commission marketplace. From there I went to get a graduate degree in Technology Policy from Cambridge, did a brief stint in UK VC, and ultimately acquired and now operate a travel management company and travel wholesaler that, together with my other businesses, bring in over a hundred million a year in sales. Alongside Malcolm, I also occasionally guest lecture on the topics of mass management, sales, and entrepreneurship at various institutions and events, including Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.