After spending a lifetime interacting with poorly produced bureaucratic "solutions" to otherwise simple problems the The Institute was created as the vehicle for helping build smarter leaner solutions. 


Between us we have a Stanford MBA, Cambridge MPhil in Technology Policy, and degrees in Business, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biology. We lecture at top universities (including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard) and penned a bestselling (on Kindle) book.


Our team has published in research journals, worked in VC in Silicon Valley, Seoul, and the UK, remotely managed over 50,000 independent employees, and operated a business making over 100 million in top-line revenue.


Having managed teams in Peru, South Korea, Spain, the UK, the Philippines, and the US, we have learned how to bridge culture and language gaps, adapting work-from-home systems to accommodate subtle but profound cultural differences in a manner that leverages cross-cultural arbitrage and enables all team members to thrive.

Lean, Practical Solutions

The Institutes focus is on quickly building out lean, robust, and practical data driven solutions. No frills, no unnecessary steps, no pointlessly branded "systems", just real solutions. We have all interacted with embarrassing and overly complicated systems that only function in Windows 95 or rely on poorly documented and obscure code - through only building exactly what is necessary to solve the problem at hand with simple easy to implement redundancies we prevent ever having to worry about deviling such products to our customers.

21st Century Model

The Institute operates through a unique model, we keep a small but world class central team and after accumulating the data we need on a project dynamically expand the team in ways that are relevant to your operation. This allows the Institute to funnel the money spent on a product directly into the solution and not on maintaining a large bureaucracy.

The Pragmatic Model

The Institute operates through the Pragmatic Model. Our projects can be broken down into three core steps:
1) Gather Data: Understanding a problem at the level of its underlining data and past research / past attempts to tackle similar problems and their outcomes both in your institution and at others is critical in knowing the direction to take.
2) Outline a Solution: After we have the necessary data we outline a solution and socialize it with the key players it will impact to understand from their perspective how it will affect them. Only when we have buy in for everyone that interacts with a plan are we in a position to expand our team and implement the final product.
3) Implement: Through not having pre-made solutions we are just slightly modifying for each problem or pre-existing teams that we need to put to work we are able to make a each solution genially customized for each situation.


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